Nov 15


This year, as a member of the Open House Europe collaboration project, we share a common theme with the participating Open House cities: sustainability. Our motto is “Building Futures Together,” encompassing spaces, activities, and practices that promote sustainability.

> In the MADE in Thessaloniki program, 6 creative and production spaces participate, utilizing sustainable practices such as material recycling, zero waste, and eco-friendly approaches. These include: Rhoeco, ToKuti, Elektronio Handcrafted Vehicles, Cosmus Diy, Serene Home, Urban Vineyard of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Relak by Lizetta Fotoglou, Laruc Craft and Penelope Loom Heritage.

> The OPEN TOURS program features 3 buildings following principles of bioclimatic design: Three Green Curves. West Hall ACT, and Residence in Pylaia.

> The OPEN CALL for Visual Stories and the OPEN PHOTO photography competition invite visitors to capture or express the theme “Building Futures Together” through their own perspective.

> Finally, in an effort towards a more ecological and green approach, we are reducing the production of disposable printed materials, opting to release this year’s program in the form of an enriched brochure.

“Sustainability” sponsors: Allianz & European Reliance

photo: Rhoeco archive