Association for Social and Economic Networking & Mutual Aid
“11:11” is the Multipurpose Space of the COSMUS DIY Association (Non-profit, Association for Social and Economic Networking and Mutual Aid). This space serves as a hub for solidarity, education, and culture. At “11:11,” many of the association’s activities take place, and it also hosts events organized by other groups, associations, individuals, or collaborators.
Throughout the year, it operates as a meeting place for members and friends, with a self-managed kitchen/café, a library, a permanent exhibition of members’ and friends’ creations, a second-hand bazaar, a space for children’s activities, workshop spaces for construction, and a support structure. Additionally, an open common space has been transformed into a peaceful garden open to the public.
Periodically, there are art and creativity exhibitions, neighborhood-themed celebrations with gatherings, plantings, performances, and other events. Some activities take place outside the space and are primarily focused on acquainting people with the urban environment, networking individuals and groups to deepen knowledge, exchange information and experiences, and raise awareness about major social, environmental, or selected issues.
Furthermore, there are workshops on reusing materials and objects, along with the teaching of various techniques for processing different materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, glass, wood, and more. There are also classes in drawing, mosaics, decoupage, sewing, narrative activities, creative writing, and more. Workshops, seminars, or other educational programs change with each season and are announced every three months.
A strategic priority of the project is “Zero Waste,” and most activities are imbued with or promote best practices related to it. For this reason, various materials or objects that can be reused are provided in the space for free or at symbolic prices, as well as materials and products adhering to the same philosophy for the benefit of interested parties (e.g., bulk dishwashing detergent, loofah sponges, etc.). The association publishes a “Zero Waste Guide” in the form of a calendar with cards.
In the space, batteries, light bulbs, and oil, among other things, are collected for recycling, while old appliances, furniture, or other objects are repaired. Some areas or tools can be used by the public under supervision, and the future goal is to create a tool bank and a lending library of tools.

18/11 12:00-16:00*
19/11 12:00-16:00

* On Saturday, 18/11, cement workshops will be held with the support of the sponsor TITAN. Priority will be given for participation in order.

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  • Address 6 Baltadorou St.
  • Area CENTER
  • Open House MADE 2023