Nov 19


“The Open House keeps going. Its endurance over timeis what enables this institution to enrich and beautify life in the city.Highlighting and enlivening the city’s hidden corners through a unique architectural glance, it challenges us to turn our attention towardsurban spots, buildings and districts, which we overlook in our everyday lives withoutthe equivalent notice. An international institution, widespread among many great cities globally, reminds us that Thessaloniki is not lacking in any aspect, that our city holds great architectural and cultural appeal and through the remarkable approach of the organizers and volunteers, the city’s richness has come to bea public property. Inthe unprecedented extreme conditions of public health crisis, this year’s event features the versatilityand the sensibility to adapt to the circumstances. Virtual tours and thematic Open Walks through the city, instead of gathering in buildings interiors, ensure the public health, as well as they keep the event intact. Again this year, like the ones before that, wewill enjoy Thessaloniki in another new way. Congratulations to the inspirers and the volunteers!”

Konstantinos Zervas, Mayor of Thessaloniki

photo: Ektoras Nikolakis – POV STUDIO (Glow)