Nov 27


What is left to us, however, when Open House ends? The members of the OHT2018 organising committee share their thoughts with us:

A feeling of joy and sadness at the same time. Joy because for another year we managed to bring the city’s residents and visitors a little closer to its hidden history, the one engraved on its buildings, and receive back the love of visitors and volunteers alike. Sadness because I know that, despite the work it requires, I have to wait another year for the next Open House… -Nickolas Maslarinos

The satisfaction that we once again managed to be active parts of this enthusiastic and populous team, and also of the celebration with the smiling faces waiting patiently in rather long ques, with the protagonist of course being the city’s architecture! Besides, it’s one of the best experiences, come join us, because we’re already counting backwards to OHT 2019!!! -Kyriaki Georgiadou

The guests’ smiles after the tours, the volunteers’ passion and the stories unravelling for Thessaloniki via its buildings. -Marianthi Tsomlektsi

A sadness for the one that’s over, a longing for the one beginning. An immense gratitude for the people who embracing our action and especially for those who are so passionate about it that end up becoming themselves a member of our great team! -Katerina Doudoumi

When Open House ends a cycle of creation, cooperation and exploration in completed. I am left with satisfaction, because each year we manage to grow the event even more, many happy images from the volunteers and the thousands of tours and a sweet anticipation for the next event. -Tatiana Anagnostara

The first day after every open house comes the fatigue. When however the days go by and we still discuss about the beautiful moments, the feelings shift to satisfaction, happiness along with the eagerness for the next time. -Lili Louizi

Open House leaves an impression of architectural explosion in my mind, various and different works surround with images and experiences our everyday life. Differently arranged architectural works at different times of construction, scattered in the space, take shape, are projected and communicated to the city’s public. -Ilias Venesis

When you work on something you like –architecture– with people you no longer consider colleagues, because they now are your friends, the only things remaining after the end of that something, are good memories and a thirst for the repetition of it. -Andreas

Open House always begins with the same suspense and joy as it was when it started in 2012 and ends with an infinite feeling of satisfaction and pride. “I think we did it again” -Renata Douma

It is my 6th year in OPEN HOUSE Thessaloniki and what I always remember by the end of the event, is not architecture itself, but people’s enthusiasm for it and the passion of those who contribute to its realization. -Kyriakos Zacharakis

Sharing the passion and the sweet agony of the volunteers. Sharing the joy and the enthusiasm of the visitors. Sharing stories about beautiful buildings. For me, this is Open House. -Dimitris Ntanis