Feb 08


The Volunteer Exchange Programme of Open House Europe* offers a unique opportunity to experience different Open House festivals across the continent. More than a dozen partnering festivals are opening their doors to volunteers from other festivals and inviting them to experience their event from within and to cross cultural boundaries. Dedicated to international learning and collaboration, the Volunteer Exchange Programme creates opportunities to share knowledge and gain new experiences.

By becoming a part of the Open House Europe Volunteer Exchange programme, you will have a unique opportunity to not only broaden your knowledge and experience in volunteering but also forge connections with fellow enthusiasts of architecture and culture. Gain a deeper understanding of how architecture plays a pivotal role in addressing social and environmental challenges. Most significantly, immerse yourself in the local culture, embark on explorations, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the local Open House community!

Via Open Calls, organisers of partnering festivals carefully select experienced and motivated volunteers. Once chosen, the volunteers will benefit from the coverage of travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs, ensuring an equitable opportunity for all participants to engage in the programme.

This year we will send one experienced volunteer from Open House Thessaloniki in each of the festivals at the following places:
Slovenia (12-14 April)
Lisbon (11-12 May)
Milan (25-16 May)
Bilbao (4-6 October)
Barcelona (26-27 October)

See more information and complete the form here by February 19.

* Open House Thessaloniki is part of Open House Europe, a cooperation project co-funded by the European Union.