Main event The main event of OPEN HOUSE Thessaloniki 2018 concerns a weekend of free architectural tours in 100 buildings and spaces in the city. The program will be announced in early November. Public participation in tours takes place through the following procedure: Study the program. Visit the spaces that interest you during their opening hours. Wait for your turn to follow the tour. Entry takes place in order of priority (based on arrival time in each space, within the visit hours) and at regular intervals. No reservation is required for the visit. Entrance is free for all. We advise visitors to arrive in time to the buildings they wish to visit, since there are no tours after the end of the operating hours, therefore if there is waiting they may not be able to attend the tour. Visitors are obliged to adhere and respect the special requirements each space may have in order to enter it (e.g. photo banning, entry without shoes or with plastic bags, ID demonstration). The organizers have priority option while attending tours. _______________________________ photo: Thodoris Karanikas