Dynamic multipurpose space – tattoo studio & more
The NR40 team, based in Thessaloniki, is a dynamic and innovative group of specialized artists. Starting with graffiti art on the city’s walls, they have expanded their vision by engaging in various artistic activities. Their portfolio highlights their flexible imagination. Known for their mastery in tattoos, they translate personal stories into mesmerizing ink designs. The designers bring their ideas to life, creating visual masterpieces for digital and print media. They also dare to enter the world of handmade carpets, skillfully combining tradition and modernity.
Alongside their various artistic pursuits, the foundation of NR40 is a vibrant hub of creative energy. The ground floor houses a café-bar, serving as a space for artist presentations and events such as regular open mics, promoting an artistic community and the exchange of ideas. On the upper floor, their captivating tattoo studio embraces artistic transformation and self-expression. They also accommodate a modern hair salon, expanding their creativity through collaborations. Soon, NR40 plans to open a handmade carpet-making workshop with various weaving techniques. This workshop aims to make art accessible to everyone, allowing each person to create their own rug.
In conclusion, NR40 is a creative force that has carved a unique place in Thessaloniki’s artistic landscape. From their graffiti roots, they have evolved into an umbrella covering tattoos, graphic design, hairstyling, carpets, and fine arts. Their headquarters function as a workspace and a lively melting pot of creativity and community. NR40’s legacy in Thessaloniki’s art scene will undoubtedly continue to grow as they push boundaries and explore new horizons.

18/11 15:00-21:00
19/11 15:00-21:00

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  • Address 10 Platonos St.
  • Area CENTER
  • Open House MADE 2023